Suit up with Lanieri

Suit up with Lanieri

Hi guys,

There’s a right way to wear a suit up, and there’s a wrong way. That is, with confidence and ease, and without it. A Lanieri tailor-made costume cannot be worn without it.

It was my first time that I experienced a tailor-made costume. Riccardo, from the staff, took the time to explain me everything and show me all options making this first time a pleasant experience. Despite tailoring being one of the oldest of old-school professions, Lanieri is here to bring it into the modern day with some innovative digital solutions => option to make an appointment online is also a plus!

Lanieri’s tailored men’s suits are made entirely in Italy, using only the best of Italian fabrics. The meticulous manufacturing process combines both centuries-old traditional know-how and the most sophisticated modern technologies.


 1. Look Leaner
Lanieri’s style features a lean, proportionate fit that cuts in at the waist to flatter your body’s natural shape.

2. Look Stronger
Strong, crisp shoulders provide a broadening effect.

3. Shaped Arms
Narrow sleeves help the arms appear longer and more muscular.

4. Look Taller
A low button-stance, which sits at the narrowest part of your natural waistline, helps to elongate your overall shape. Higher-rise, trimly-cut trousers provide a longer, more elegant leg line

Result is a beautiful costume that fits neatly.

Calling all my Parisians friends, here’s the address:
7 Rue du Pré aux Clercs, 75007 Paris

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