World oral health day with Philips

World oral health day with Philips

Hi guys,
You know how I am concern about taking care of myself: get enough sleep, eat healthy food, be nice to others….and keep myself clean, especially my oral health!

At the occasion of the World Oral Health day (20th march), Philips sent me their last ultimate kit to get my teeth 24/7 clean: an electric toothbrush, an interdental cleaner, a travel kit & a tongue spray.
Philips gave me 5 tips to get a better oral hygien. I followed this tips and here’s my feedback about them:

1) Don’t go to sleep without cleaning your teeth.
From my side, I do always brush my teeth at night. This is very important for me to go to sleep with a clean mouth and fresh breath! If you don’t, you MUST do it right away. You maybe don’t know but there’s a lot of bacteries in your mouth when you’re sleeping.
It’s easy, quickly and specially funny to do with my new Sonicare toothbrush.

2) Position your toothbrush tilted towards your gumline.
To be honest, I didn’t know the right brushing technique before receiving my kit from Philips. The good technique is to place the toothbrush at the 45 degrees angle to eliminate all the bacteries between your teeth and your gum. After 10 days using this technique, i can feel my gum cleaner than ever 🙂

3) Brush your tongue daily.
I knew the fresh breath comes from the tongue. Before I was brushing my tongue with my toothbrush but sometimes it could hurt a little bit (you know that feeling).
From now on, thanks to my special tongue head and spray, i can safely brush my tongue to get a fresh breath even when I wake up 😉

4) Clean between teeth at least once a day.
Again, it could be tricky to remove 100% bacteries when they are stuck deep down in your mouth. Before I was using dental floss but it’s not very recommanded.
And Philips created the Sonicare Airfloss !! The perfect tool to remove everything from your mouth. I’m using the Airfloss everyday to keep my mouth and teeth healthy. Also, I look like a pro dentist with it 😉

5) Control how & when you eat sugary foods and drinks
Last but not least, avoid sodas and sugar ! I pay attention to not drink a lot of sodas. I allow myself to drink 1 soda per week, that’s it. Finally I’m lucky because I do prefer salty than sweet.

I used the kit for 7 days and I must admit I feel my teeth much cleaner.
Thanks to Philips and their products, my daily routine is a bit different now and my teeth are feeling better than before 🙂
Cheers, Val

Photo shoot at the beautiful Hôtel Bachaumont

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